GQA's 3-year mission for our clients

Key Points
  • ISO Registration and certification from year one.

  • Clients can work with us over a 3-year period to ensure a robust management system is built which is not only proportionate to their business but drives continual improvement.

It has always been the policy of GQA UK to provide our clients with qualified, professional and friendly support at the best possible fees and with the dedication and competence expected from system specialists. All GQA UK auditors are IRCA qualified (Lead Auditors).

We also understand that you are in business to make, not spend money. Our fee is fair, and we are always improving our ISO registration process to make it easier and more beneficial for our clients.

We operate an open, honest, and transparent business dedicated to our client’s needs and the pursuance of excellence in the field of quality, safety, security and environmental standards.

GQA UK will work with you and your team to ensure the successful development of your Management System.

Our 3-Year Plan

Year One | Establish baseline system

For the initial assessment and registration, the customer should have a well-documented business systems manual which acts as a guide/reference point around the various management system tools which are all supplied in our documentation toolkits in the members dashboard area.

Year Two | System Deployment & Effectiveness

In year two, the customer should have used the notes within the initial audit report to help build the various other elements which make up a management system such as a ‘risk register’. These tools help the customer take a proactive approach to continual improvement.

Year Three | Performance Improvement

In Year three, the customer should have generated performance data on their management system which would not only illustrate any improvements which have been made, but identify new objectives to help mitigate risks and help improve process performance.

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