Staying remote saves time and money with GQA's ISO Flow and Go

Most clients who switch to the revolutionary GQA remote and online ISO process do so because they do not feel they have received value for money over the last two years as on-site audits were replaced with Zoom or Teams based solutions.

Quality and Environmental managers accepted that remote audits, borne of necessity during the pandemic, saved time and made life easier, however, the cost was not reduced, and, non-conformities or emerging continuous improvement opportunities were rolled over.

So, not the true values you were expecting from audit, report or advice time tendered perspective. Your business has become a ‘snapshot’ rather than how you can continually improve, at the very time tour business continuity plans and processes were most stretched. That is why you and your business will love our audits, reports and process investigation.

Our system has always been based on remote, with continuous improvement opportunities that your enterprise needs. You have developed a system for your business, you just need 3rd party verification so that the worldwide ISO family recognise and respect it.

For £45 a month per standard GQA gives you this.

See our simple process.

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